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Nineveh magazine connects Assyrian communities together. It's the voice of AFA and Assyrians worldwide.


Nineveh magazine is published quarterly by the Assyrian Foundation of America in Berkeley, California. It first appeared in 1977 as a monthly newsletter and was called Nineveh West under the joint editorship of Julius N. Shabbas and Dr. Joel Elias. In 1978 Youel A. Baaba became editor and the name was changed to Nineveh in May of 1978, when it became a bound magazine. The following year, 1979, Sargon Michael took over the editorship and ran it for one year. For the next three years, Julius N. Shabbas became the editor with Dr. Elias as the assistant editor. From 1983 through the 3rd Quarter 1985, George Bet-Shlimon and Ninos David were the editors. From the 4th Quarter 1985 through the end of 2000, Julius Shabbas and Dr. Elias once again became the editors. In 2001 Dr. Robert Karoukian took over and remained Nineveh’s editor until end of 2009. And in 2010 Dr. Ninwe Maraha took over the editorship of Nineveh.

In the past, Nineveh has been published monthly or bi-monthly and from 1981 on has been a quarterly magazine. The essays and articles in Nineveh deal essentially with historical, educational and social topics. Community, national and international news, often accompanied by pictures, are presented. Nineveh is distributed throughout the United States as well as Europe, Canada, Australia, Russia and other former states of the U.S.S.R., Iran and the Far East. From 1978 till present over 100 issues of Nineveh have been published and over 80,000 copies have been distributed worldwide. Nineveh has not only become the voice of Assyrians but it has also connected Assyrians throughout the world with each other, and it has also become a scholarly magazine used by professors in prestigious universities around the world for teaching purposes.
Nineveh Cover Pages Collection
Nineveh Cover Pages Collection