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The Causes and Extent of Assimilation among Assyrians in the Village of Kanda, Georgia (Nineveh Volume 32 Numbers. 2-4)

By: Daniel (Danick) Lachin (Nineveh 2nd to 4th Quarter 2009)
Publish Date: 10/19/2009

Assimilation is a devastating end-point for Assyrians. It is a consequence of repeated forced migrations resulting in fragmented and isolated communities, which, in time, are absorbed in the dominant population. Our collective indifference only speeds this process and makes our survival as a people more difficult.

The main purpose of this paper is to introduce, in simple terms, the process of assimilation that is on-going in Dzveli Kanda (or, Kanda) an Assyrian village in the Re-public of Georgia, where one can more easily trace the process of assimilation than in the large cities.
By Daniel (Danick) Lachin
Assyrian father and daughter in village