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Needy Assyrian Program

Through the Welfare program the Assyrian Foundation has continually assisted impoverished Assyrians worldwide. A concerted effort has been made to help the Assyrians in Iraq, especially, where it has been reported poverty in great magnitude has stricken. Thousands of dollars have been expended for specific purpose such as the medical aid, emergency relief projects, Assyrian charity clinics and hospitals, and Atra project for improving lives of Assyrians in Northern Iraq.

As a result of the Assyrian refugee crisis caused by all the unrest in the Middle East the Assyrian Foundation has expanded its welfare program to Assyrian refugees. We are proud to have been a major provider of help for Assyrians in the refugee camps in Syria and for impoverished Assyrians in Armenia. These efforts have achieved international recognition. The Assyrian Observer is published in England and is distributed all over the world. In the most recent issue, the editor, Mr. Androius Mama Jotyar, had this to say: “The Assyrian Charity and Relief Fund of UK do try their best to provide some financial assistance not only for Assyrians in Syria but also to Assyrian families in Armenia. This is done via the Assyrian Foundation of America, the only Assyrian organization that is mostly involved in the provision of financial assistance to needy Assyrian families in Syria as well as in Armenia.” We are very proud of this recognition. With all the unrest and terrorist attacks in Iraq, Assyrian refugees in Syria are increasing and are in great financial need. Living conditions are very poor for housing, food, medication for the sick, etc. In Armenia the need for assistance is especially great to those Assyrian families without a member who can work – mainly elderly, families with mothers and children, etc.

The primary source of Assyrian Foundation’s financial assistance to needy Assyrian families throughout the world is the generous contributions from its members as well as non-members. Please continue with your donations that are specifically designated towards the Needy Assyrian Program.

For more information about our Needy Assyrian Program, please email us at needyassyrians@assyrianfoundation.org