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Join the Assyrian Foundation of America and become a member of one of the most reputable Assyrian organizations in the World. Be part of AFA’s mission to help Assyrians in need suffering worldwide, support and promote education for Assyrian students and preserve the Assyrian history.

Education and Cultural Program

Since its inception the Assyrian Foundation has been involved in numerous cultural and educational projects including the publication of Nineveh magazine, books, hosting lectures and establishing a book fund at UC Berkeley. We have, with the generous support of the AFA members as well as non-members, locally and abroad, helped build schools and dormitories and organized Assyrian classes.

We have provided significant scholarships and grants to bright young Assyrian students working toward advanced degrees in Assyriology and related Assyrian studies. They will by the very nature of their profession spend their lives making contributions to knowledge about Assyrian history, literature, identity, etc. They will become professors in universities, do research on Assyrians, publish books, write articles in journals, present their findings at academic conferences, train other graduate students in Assyrian studies, etc. It is our vision that these students and graduates will protect and preserve our history and keep the flame of Assyrian identity burning bright in the academic world and for all Assyrians.

We highly encourage the students who have finished college and are employed to contribute back to the AFA’s education program to help other students get scholarships. We welcome donations that are specifically designated for education. Your contribution will go directly to Assyrian students and support their studies. For more information about our Education and Cultural Program, and to apply for scholarship, download and complete the application form and email it to education@assyrianfoundation.org